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Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Mixer

Once only for Lattes, now the perfect tool for the proper mixing of your favorite Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint!  Branded with the Miss Mustard Seed logo, the new mixer is lightweight and perfectly portable!  Requires 2 AA batteries.

Tips & Tricks!

-Measure out your water first. If you add the powder before the milk you get a clumpy mess fast.

-Then, add the milk paint powder.

-Dip the frother in all the way to the bottom. Make sure it touches the bottom of the cup, to prevent it from splashing all over the place!

-The mixer will stop when you apply pressure. Push the mixer up and down doing short little “pounces” on the bottom of the cup to prevent from making a milk paint latte!
-If the paint is too thick, slowly pour in water while mixing to thin the paint.

To Clean: Use a separate cup of clean water- dip your mixer in right after mixing, turn it on and hold it in,spinning for a few seconds. Pull it out and it will be clean as a whistle!  *Make sure you do this soon after painting, so the milk paint doesn’t harden in the coil.

Bubbles on the top are fine, they will disappear once you start painting!

$6.00 each

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