Old White (Note this is a NEW color - it is slightly grey)

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  • Old White (Note this is a NEW color - it is slightly grey)
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LITERS of Old White are new to us in the United States. Unlike the Old White previously in quarts, the NEW Old White has a slight grey tone, similar to an oyster shell.  Annie Sloan describes this color as chalk or gesso.  This is a cool soft white without yellow or pink.   This is perfect for the customer that does not want any yellow in their white color.    It is a color which works with everything, but for the classic French look, use it over Paris Grey. You can also use it to mix with other colors, softening them!   If you’re looking for the color that is most similar to the previous Old White you probably want to look at ORIGINAL (Annie’s newest white color!). 


There will also be a change in packaging of the Chalk Paint® throughout 2019, this will impact all colors as the US becomes aligned globally.  What does this mean..?  Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is sold worldwide: Australia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Africa and Spain!  The packaging of the paint will be transitioning so that all countries are aligned.  In the USA the 32 ounces (quart) containers will now be supplied in liters (approximately 2 ounces more!)  Meaning a bit more paint for you at the same low price of $34.95!!!   


Along with the changes in the size of the containers you will notice a lid change as well.  The Liter lids require a patient hand to open and close.  Be sure to use a paint can opener (which we include FREE with every order), being sure to work your way gently around the lid before lifting it open. Turning the can as you open 360 degrees will allow the lid to lift without denting it.


You will find that all colors in the new liters will be slightly thicker.  Keep these tips in mind as you start your project with the new version of Chalk Paint®


1. A light touch with your brush is needed. The paint spreads much more easily so only a light touch with a brush is needed. No need to scrub the paint on. Using an Annie Sloan paint brush is important as the brush is designed for the consistency of the paint and allows for a more even finish.
2. Use a spray bottle (filled with water). Spritz as you move along, this allows for nice even dispersion of paint along a long linear surface area or when you want less texture. 
3. We love using the spray bottle with the Sanding Pads. This distresses your paint beautifully, looking more like well-worn furniture. It also cuts down on any dust you might otherwise have as a result of sand paper.

We are sorry – there are NO RETURNS on any of our paint products.  You will find this to be true with every stockist.  By not allowing refunds or exchanges this guarantees that the product you receive has never been previously shipped or opened etc.  It’s the only way we can be sure your product has never been compromised.  We apologize for any issues this may cause. Choose your color wisely or call us.  We work with the colors everyday and are very knowledgeable regarding the colors.  We are always available to assist you with your design ideas!


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